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Course 01

CorelDRAW Duration: 40 Hrs. (Changeable) | Fees: Individual /Batch  Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to CorelDRAW ❋ Installing CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 ❋ Basics of CorelDRAW ❋ Vector Graphics and Bitmaps ❋ Starting and Opening Drawings ❋ Previewing Drawings ❋ Viewing Modes ❋ Saving and Closing Drawings ❋ CorelDRAW Workspace ❋ Creative Tools and Content ❋ Touchscreen and Wheel Devices Module 2: Lines, Shapes, and Outlines ❋ Lines, Outlines, and Brushstrokes ❋ Shapes and Shape Objects ❋ Symmetrical Drawing Module 3: Working with Objects, Symbols, and Layers ❋ Introduction to Objects ❋ Linking and Embedding Objects ❋ Layers and Symbols ❋ Managing and Tracking Projects Module 4: Colour, Fills, and Transparencies ❋ Colour ❋ Colour Models and Depth ❋ Choosing Colours ❋ Creating and Editing Colour Palettes ❋ Uniform Fills and Fountain Fills ❋ Vector and Bitmap Pattern Fills ❋ Texture, PostScript, and Mesh Fills ❋ Object Transparency ❋ Managing Colours Module 5: Exploring Special Effects ❋ Lenses ❋ Adding 3D Effects ❋ Mosaics Module 6: Working with Text ❋ Adding and Manipulating Text ❋ Formatting Text ❋ Managing Fonts ❋ Writing Tools Module 7: Templates and Styles ❋ Templates ❋ Using and Finding Templates ❋ Managing Templates ❋ Creating and Editing Templates ❋ Introducing Styles and Style Sets ❋ Creating, Applying, and Editing Styles and Style Sets ❋ Managing Default Object Properties ❋ Importing and Exporting Style Sheets ❋ Colour Styles ❋ Creating and Applying Colour Styles ❋ Editing and Viewing Colour Styles ❋ Exporting and Importing Colour Styles Module 8: Pages and Layout ❋ Pages and Layout Tools ❋ Page Layout and Background ❋ Adding and Deleting Pages ❋ Rulers ❋ Document Grid and Pixel Grid ❋ Tables ❋ Adding Tables ❋ Selecting, Moving, and Navigating Table Components ❋ Inserting and Deleting Table Rows and Columns ❋ Formatting Tables and Cells ❋ Converting Tables to Text Module 9: Introduction to Bitmaps ❋ Working with Bitmaps ❋ Converting Vector Graphics to Bitmaps ❋ Importing and Cropping Bitmaps ❋ Bitmap Dimensions and Resolution ❋ Straightening Bitmaps ❋ Image Adjustment Lab ❋ Adjusting Colour and Tone ❋ Tone Curve Filter ❋ Special Effects Categories ❋ Bitmap Colour Modes ❋ Introducing Trace ❋ RAW Camera Files Module 10: Web Graphics ❋ File Formats ❋ Importing and Exporting Files ❋ Exporting to PDF ❋ Supported File Formats ❋ Customising and Automating ❋ Setting Basic Preferences ❋ Customising CorelDRAW ❋ Using Macros and Scripts for Automating

Course 02

Adobe Photoshop - Duration: 25 Hrs. (Changeable) | Fees: Individual /Batch

GETTING TO KNOW YOUR WORKSPACE Menu bar, application bar, options bar, tools panel, panel dock on right Differences on PC and Mac Different ways to zoom Hidden tools on toolbar BASIC SELECTIONS Why make selections? Geometric selections Freehand selections Edge-based selections Color-based selections How do I choose a selection tool? ADJUSTMENT PANEL Making color and tonal adjustments Creating an adjustment layer Adjustment presets, Common image corrections Saving adjustments as a preset Deleting adjustment layer Applying adjustment layer to another layer TOOL BAR TOOLS Blur tool Sharpen Tool Smudge Tool Dodge Tool Burn Tool Sponge Tool BASIC PHOTO CORRECTIONS Image menu Color mode Image resolution and size Straighten and crop image Rotate cropped image Automatic adjustments Auto color—removes color cast Manually adjusting color cast Manually adjusting tonal range Replacing color Clone tool Spot healing brush Healing brush Patch tool Content-aware fill (NEW TO CS5!) LAYERS Background layer Isolating part of image Hide, view, reposition, delete, rename, merge Lock layers Convert background layer to regular layer Convert regular layer to background layer Layer styles Applying layer styles to multiple layers GRADIENTS Gradient tool Gradient styles Editing colors Saving gradients MASKS How is it different than selection tools? Save time-consuming selections Quick mask mode Using brush tool Channels panel Loading mask as a selection CAMERA RAW Unprocessed picture data Set up camera to save as camera raw Nikon (.nef) Canon (.crw) Olympus (.orf) Opening up other file formats in RAW Using Bridge vs. Photoshop White balance Adjust for different lighting settings Save as DNG file, open source file Exposure Fill light Sharpening an image Detail panel Synchronize across images CORRECTING/ENHANCING DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS Shadows and highlights adjustment Correcting Red Eye Sharpening Edges Correct Image Distortion Adding Depth of Field TYPE IN PHOTOSHOP Point v Paragraph Type character panel paragraph panel Type on a Path Warping Type Creating work path from type Convert type to shapes Horizontal/Vertical Type Mask Tool Create a selection in the shape of type Clipping Mask Type Open Type CREATING VECTOR GRAPHICS IN PHOTOSHOP Bitmap v. Vector? Pen Tool Magnetic and freeform pen tool Using pen tool as selection tool Converting selections to paths Converting selection to layer Shape layers Smart Objects AUTOMATING STEPS Recording actions Actions panel Record, play, edit, delete individual actions

Course 03

Web Developer Advance Course

Website Development ❋ Live Internet/Intranet website design, development ❋ Localhost / local server website creation and and live implementation on any hosting company like godaddy, Hostinger or any other hosting service provider. ❋ Know about use of domain name , hosting server and nameserver ❋ Know about cpanel admin and their tools use for website live configuration. ❋ Know about DNS server configuration / SSL certificate configuration/ Internet/Intranet website design, development ❋ Live implementation with domain and hosting server. ❋ Hosting your designed website on hosting server. ❋ Website Design Design and Development using various languages. ❋ Bootstrap website development. Web Development training includes ❋ Php/Mysql, Jquery, Javascript, Html5, Bootstrap, CSS etc. ❋ Know about various database like mysql,sql server and oracle database configuration and their use in website developmentation. ❋ Know how to create mysql/ sql server and oracle database creation. ❋ Know about the new database Table structure creation, sql query/syntax for database managament. ❋ html,php,css, javascripts ❋ Payment gateway implementation on php ❋ Database implementaion and connection with website ❋ Database Mysql, SQL server and Oracle database ❋ Live Project use for Website Development Training Program. Basic Graphic Design for Website Banner and logo design. ❋ Using CorelDraw ❋ Using Adobe Photoshop ❋ Adobe Illustrator

Course 04

Basic Computer Course

COMPUTERS BASICS BASICS OF COMPUTER ❋ Typing Practice ❋ Introduction to Windows 11 ❋ Shortcut Keys ❋ Creating Folders & File in Computers MS Word ❋ Learn How To Create And Format Text,Including Changing Fonts, Sizes, And Colors, And Applying Bold, Italic, And Underline Styles. ❋ Learn How To Format Paragraphs, Including Setting Line And Paragraph Spacing, Applying Indents And Tabs, And Creating Bulleted And Numbered Lists. MS Excel ❋ Learn How To Create A New Workbook, Which Is The Basic File Used In Excel To Store And Organize Data. ❋ Entering Data: You Can Learn How To Enter Data Into Cells In A Worksheet, Including Numbers, Text, And Dates. ❋ Learn How To Format Cells, Including Changing The Font, Text Size, And Color, As Well As Adding Borders And Shading ❋ Learn How To Use Basic Formulas In Excel, Such As SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, And MIN, Which Allow You To Perform Simple Calculations On Your Data ❋ Learn to Create Marksheet, Sale Sheet, Purchase Sheet, Sale Sheet etc POWERPOINT Course Outline ❋ Creating New Presentations ❋ Creating a Presentation ❋ Choosing a Template/Theme ❋ Changing the Template/Theme ❋ Adding Slides & Typing in Content Slide Layouts ❋ Choosing a Slide Layout ❋ Changing the Slide Layout Adding Text & Outline View ❋ Adding Text ❋ Bulleted vs Numbered Lists ❋ Adding & Editing Text with Outline View ❋ Outline View Keystrokes Pictures & Graphics ❋ Placing Pictures into Placeholders ❋ Cropping Photos ❋ Sizing Graphics ❋ Fixing Stretched/Squished Photos ❋ Where to Get Photos ❋ Crop to Shape & Aspect Ratio Adjusting Photos & Graphics ❋ Picture Adjustments (such as converting to Black & White ❋ Picture Border & Effects Layered Objects ❋ Layered Object vs Placeholder Content ❋ Aligning ❋ Evenly Distributing ❋ Grouping ❋ Reordering Layered Objects SmartArt ❋ Creating SmartArt ❋ Adding Text ❋ Layouts, Styles, & Shapes ❋ Converting Text into SmartArt ❋ SmartArt with Picture Placeholders Shapes & Lines ❋ Adding Shapes ❋ Styling Shapes ❋ Adding Text to Shapes ❋ Resizing, Moving, & Rotating Shapes ❋ Connector Lines ❋ Text Boxes Tables ❋ Creating Tables in PowerPoint ❋ Typing in Table Data ❋ Designing Tables ❋ Table Layout ❋ Sizing Tables & Columns/Rows ❋ Alignment & Spacing In a Table ❋ Adding or Removing Rows/Columns ❋ Merging Cells Copying & Pasting Charts from Excel ❋ Importing a Chart from Excel ❋ Updating the Chart Data when the Excel File Changes Transitions ❋ Adding Slide Transitions ❋ Transition Effect Options & Duration Proofing & Editing ❋ Spell Check ❋ Slide Sorter View Running a Presentation ❋ Starting & Stopping a Slide Show ❋ Ways to Navigate Slide Shows ❋ Tools to Use When Presenting ❋ Presenter Notes ❋ Presenter View ❋ Presenting in Microsoft Teams (PowerPoint Live) ❋ Presenter Notes in Zoom Printing ❋ Choosing What Will Go On the Printed Page Saving a PDF ❋ Why Make a PDF? ❋ Saving a PDF & Setting Options

Python Developer Course 05

Comming Soon

Details will be available shortly

Curse 06

Comming Soon

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